Architizer - The Farm of 38° 30°

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Arkitizer - The Farm of 38° 30°

The Farm of 38 30 won the special mention prize in Architizer A+ Awards.

The Farm 38° 30°, an iconic boutique dairy factory, derives its name from the coordinates of the site it is located in, the “38° 30° Valley of Art” in the village of Tazlar village, in the province of Afyonkarahisar in Central Turkey. Located at the entrance of the valley, this dairy factory offers degustation for visitors, all the while exhibiting the production process of the dairy products of the farm.

While ensuring maximum efficiency for the production line as in a “classical” cheese factory building, the boutique factory adopts a more contemporary attitude via its monumental form. The factory typology is upgraded from the status of a simple production space to that of a cheese showroom. The building wraps around an inner green courtyard and opens itself to the exterior via its large welcoming canopy. From this courtyard within, all sequences of the production can be observed in 360° degree by the visitors. The transparency of the façade lets us peek into the production spaces while the staff animates the whole. The sheltered entrance orients the visitors to either the main sales department or the green courtyard, where cocktails and events are organized.

The materiality of the façade reflects the degree of privacy and interest of the various spaces. Moving on to more private spaces, the composition of the materials on the façade gradually offers less transparency. The Dairy Factory engages with the surrounding nature through its use of natural materials and natural tones. Weaving the green environment and landscape towards the inner courtyard, the building offers a cozy environment enabling various activities for both its visitors and staff. The use of local materials such as natural Afyon stone is enriched by the addition of Corten steel in the details, emphasizing the contemporary industrial identity of the building.