The Business Year




Istanbul, Turkey, 2016




Aks Architecture Construction


Alt Kat Architectural Photography

Located on the 12th floor of a plaza building in İstanbul, overlooking a 3600 view of Istanbul’s historical peninsula. Coupling the corporate feel of the plaza with natural use of materials and greenery The Business Year media office offers a cozy, creative environment. Considering the employees have just moved in to a plaza from a villa with a garden, the designers plan was to benefit from the sunshine and the view as much as possible yet creating user friendly workspaces that allow high concentration of the creative teams.

As a media press office, the main team of the office are designers and editors. Both of the teams have to have interaction with each other yet maintaining the spatial necessities of seclusion. The planning allows these main groups of profession to interact in common lounge areas and meeting points in public spaces of the office. All of the workstations are located around the façade, leaving minimum circulation that allows interaction of different teams.

The office’s entrance welcomes visitors with a logo wall which also has hints of organic-nature friendly characteristics of the office interior. Following this, subtle designs of green embedded furniture create a lively, humanistic environment where the workers feel at ease. Having designed common spaces such as library corner, digital point, kitchenette and waiting lounges, it is aimed to enhance the interrelationships of the office workers in a friendly environment.

Considering the non-hierarchic structure of the office itself, the designer’s and editor’s spaces are located in an open office system. These two teams also have a small meeting room which is separated from the main open office with a green-glass wall separator. Planning the spatial necessities, the designers have divided the office spaces as transparent as possible allowing maximum sunshine and view porosity.

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