Duo Suites Residences


Apartment Building, 5800m2


Yenişehir, Mersin, Turkey, 2015


Under Construction


Özkaya Construction

The name of the project, Duo-Suites is derived from the two masses of separate buildings joined with a single highly transparent circulation system. The building is situated on southwest – northeast axis considering the maximum and optimum benefits of wind and sun light on the site. The two blocks are slightly shifted from each other while being located on the site and these separate two masses create the delicate, high rise effect of the building.

The project is designed considering the interior and the exterior spatial usages of the local area. The exterior landscape is designed as if it was an interior courtyard, the necessities and daily life of inhabitants are considered while shaping the landscape. The residence complex includes activities such as sport areas, barbecue spaces, swimming pool, hobby gardens, children’s park, sunbathing and lounge areas; by creating public usage activities and exclusive facilities.

Duo Suites Residences 01 Duo Suites Residences 02 Duo Suites Residences 03 Duo Suites Residences 04 Duo Suites Residences 05 Duo Suites Residences floor plan