Dental Club Polyclinic


Polyclinic, 220m2


Bakırköy, Istanbul, Turkey, 2015


Concept Project

The oral and dental health clinic is located on the ground floor of an existing apartment building. The clinic has four examination rooms, a moderate waiting area indoors and a bigger waiting outdoor area. Designing the clinic, creating minimal and effective spaces are taken into consideration. Obtaining the maximum possible waiting area while maintaining the necessary square meters of the clinic is one of the main princibles of planning.

The place also offers a very sophisticated interior-exterior relation with the usage of its own private garden. In the entrance, the reception desk works as an iconic element meeting the patients. In addition to the waiting area on the main entrance axis, the dental health polyclinic has also carried the waiting function to the hallways with various lounge area designs. The polyclinic provides a waiting experience with various usages.

The fact that the existing space is horizontally predominant, has led designers to design a cirrculation dominated plan. The main circulation axis is located on the side that has maximum transparency while the examination rooms and sterile spaces of the dental polyclinic are located on the inner parts of the clinic. The architectural design takes as its guide a set of constraints such as existing columns and curtain walls and it incorporates them with a continuous curvilinear line. The spaces created in the intersections are transformed by the designers into functional and exciting design elements each time. Public fiction starting with the reception and waiting area in the dental polyclinic; creating a special lounge and kitchenette by flowing the corridor along the circulation axis.

While the soft transitions and forms that are manifested on the basis of the architectural project create a warmth and coziness in the public spaces with the fluidity of circulation in the place, the interior of the examination rooms is minimally designed. This is reflected in the selection of materials that will contrast with each other in interior architecture.

Dental Club Polyclinic 02 Dental Club Polyclinic 03 Dental Club Polyclinic 04 Dental Club Polyclinic 05 Dental Club Polyclinic 06 Dental Club Polyclinic 07 Dental Club Polyclinic 08 Dental Club Polyclinic floor plan