Atakum Orthodontics Clinic


Dental Clinic, 165m2


Samsun, Turkey, 2016


Under construction

The Orthodontic Clinic is located in Samsun Atakum, aims to become a space where it gives lots of information to its visitors. From the moment of the entrance there are infographic arrangements and exhibition pieces, creating a museum of orthodontic treatment. The examination rooms are configured transparently where they also reflect that orthodontic is an exposable craftsmanship.

Space has a very minimal character, The columns and beams located in the space are hidden with architectural lines. Transparent clinic room along the corridor turns into an exhibition space while the zen gardens increase the quality of the space. X-ray room sets back slightly in order to give space for the circulation while waiting room and the clinic room are configured together.

The waiting space enables a comfortable seating with a lounge placed alongside a wall. A corner seat is placed on a niche which is located at the end of the waiting lounge. In between the seating areas and along the walls there are exhibition elements that show the orthodontic treatments and their types. In front of the seating areas, there is a screen to watch videos regarding the treatments. With these elements its aimed for visitors to get informed about the treatments.

Atakum Orthodontics Clinic 01 Atakum Orthodontics Clinic 02 Atakum Orthodontics Clinic 03 Atakum Orthodontics Clinic floor plan